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Sign in to Yammer -
    Sign in to Yammer. Connect and engage across your organization. Tap into the knowledge of others. Use your Inbox to view, prioritize, and manage the most important messages and announcements. Search for experts, conversations, and communities. Join communities to stay informed, connect with your co-workers, and gather ideas.

Yammer Enterprise Social Network | Microsoft 365
    Get trusted security and compliance with control and insights. Rely on the same enterprise-level security, compliance, and management features of Microsoft 365 to help protect data. Analytics from the Office admin center and insights in Yammer make it easy to understand activity and measure impact.

    Email, phone, or Skype. No account? Create one! Can’t access your account?

Yammer – Microsoft Adoption
    Engage Your Org. Use Yammer to create a more effective corporate communications strategy. Yammer can drive employee engagement and open discussions to the entire organization by facilitating two-way conversations between leadership and the wider employee base. Yammer adoption guide Leadership engagement Build communities.

Install the new Yammer Desktop app
    See Manage Yammer desktop notifications. Uninstall the existing Yammer Desktop app. If you have an earlier version of the Yammer Desktop app on your computer, you can uninstall it using the OS settings on your computer like you would any other app. Contact your IT admin if you cannot uninstall apps on your work computer.

Yammer and Microsoft 365 Groups - Yammer | Microsoft …
    A: Yes. Any new group created in Yammer will add the prefix and suffix from the group naming policy, and will not allow blocked words in the group name. For more information, see Microsoft 365 Groups naming policy. Note that Yammer group names can't contain the following characters: @, #, [, ], <, or >.

Manage Yammer admins - Yammer | Microsoft Docs
    To assign a new Verified Admin: In the Appoint Additional Admins section, search their name, select Make this user an admin, and click Submit. Find the user in the Current Admins list, and click Grant Verified Admin. To promote an existing Network Admin to Verified Admin: In the Yammer admin center, click Admins.

All Company now works like other Yammer communities
    The process for confirming that All Company is connected works the same as it does for any community. To do so, select the following settings in the Network Admin Settings. In network admins settings, if you select Enforce Office 365 Identity, then your network will have an All Company community that is connected to a Microsoft 365 Group. If ...

Collaborate with guests in a Yammer community
    Yammer guests allow you to call in experts, such as consultants or vendors, from outside your organization. Users can invite guests to a community and quickly start a rich conversation by sharing access to community resources like files. This ease-of-use makes external collaboration one of the most- used features in Yammer today.

Podniková sociální síť Yammer | Microsoft 365
    Využívejte špičkové podnikové funkce pro zabezpečení, dodržování předpisů a správu v Microsoftu 365, které vám pomohou chránit data. Díky analytickým funkcím v Centru pro správu Office a přehledům v Yammeru snadněji porozumíte tomu, co se děje ve vaší síti, a pochopíte, jaký dopad mají různé aktivity. Další ...

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